KU Leuven to explore medical uses of additive manufacturing with XJET Carmel 1400 3D Printer

XJET Carmel
XJET Carmel

The use of additive manufacturing in research centres is certainly one of the practices that will further develop the technology and its possibilities. Indeed, research centres increasingly leverage industrial additive manufacturing for research purpose and KU Leuven is showing another example of this fact today.

XJET has recently installed a Carmel 1400 3D Printer at the Belgium-based university so that researchers can explore medical uses of additive manufacturing.  

According to Professor Shoufeng Yang, Head of AM research at the university, XJET’s proprietary NanoParticle Jetting Technology™ (NPJ) “offers high levels of precision and exceptional detailing required, levels which were previously impossible or extremely time-consuming in post-processing. The use of soluble support materials, with no harmful powders, makes it a much easier process and opens up opportunities to innovate that simply did not exist before. It’s an amazing and fantastic technology for R&D in universities and for the manufacturing industry, and it’s very exciting to be a part of. I believe that this is the best ceramic additive manufacturing method which can be easily upgraded into future multi-materials additive manufacturing, which is a grand challenge in the AM industry.

The team at KU Leuven is committed to developing the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They already have a certain experience in the production of implants in the form of ceramic bones. In the long run, the aim at spreading the use of AM across the manufacturing world.

AM is more than cool designs and rapid prototyping of components. A focus on applied research and development and the transition of that knowledge to industry is an undeniable way to foster the technology development.

To help them in this mission, KU Leuven is seeking collaborators for production projects in the additive manufacturing industry. For more information contact Shoufeng Yang at shoufeng.yang@kuleuven.be.


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