Korea’s first 3D printed artificial eye ready to be commercialized


Severance Hospital of the Yonsei University Health System (YUHS) will very soon commercialize Korea’s first 3D printed artificial eye.

Professor Yoon Jin-sook

About 40 000 out of 60 000 patients only have access to artificial eye in Korea. During 3 years, Professor Yoon Jin-sook of the department of ophthalmology at the hospital and artificial eye maker Baik Seung-woon have been working on a technology that uses 3D printers to simplify the production for an artificial eye.  “We want to help patients who need artificial eyes with our 3D printing technology,” said Professor Yoon.

The Korean Ministry of Science and ICT supports this initiative as part of the “Next Generation New Concept Medical Device Development Technology Project.”

In order to achieve their project, the YUHS team collaborated with Carima, a company manufacturer of Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printer as this technology was chosen to produce the artificial eye. After a successful phase 1 of the “Artificial Eye Project,” the team has renewed its agreement for the phase 2 – the commercialization process.

Further tests will be carried out by 2020 to ensure the safety and validity of the prototypes. Moreover, the hospital team and Camira will implement a remote consultation network system that will provide 3D printed artificial eyes to patients across a wide range of regions and countries. The final goal is to launch a one-stop platform that can gather consulting, design, production and delivery.


Our team plans provide top-notch public health services through high-quality artificial eyes and a network that can increase patient access,” said Professor Yoon.

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