One thing we quickly learn from Indians after watching a few Bollywood movies is that jewels are part of their culture (that and the fact that most women have long hair). Today, this part of the culture still exists but tends to be modernized over time.

Melorra is part of the jewellery brand that aims to provide fine and lightweight jewels to Indian women. The startup therefore decided to invest in 3D technologies to create not only affordable jewels but also trendy designs for its target.

All images via Melorra

With a financial support of $5 million received from Lightbox Ventures, the company purchased one of the latest CAD technology that enables to deliver accuracy to execute and convert computer sketches into virtual 3D models. The models are then rendered with real material input.

Ms. Saroja Yeramilli, Founder, Melorra commented on this new stage undergone by the company: “The designs offered by most players in the Indian jewellery segment are primarily targeted for weddings, festivals or other special occasions. The pieces have always been designed in a silo without accounting for the changing needs of Indian women and cannot be worn with other attires such as a dress or everyday work clothes. At Melorra, our aim is to try and address this very ‘wardrobe mismatch’. We understand the fashion cycles that inspire women’s wardrobe choices, tailor our collections to these trends, and give women something unique to wear. Also, millennials are not looking for classic or heirloom jewellery like the older generation and want something exquisite. We never want one to be out of fashion options and that’s why we add 6 new designs every day, 42 new designs every week. Melorra designs pieces that they can wear for anything from causal events to formal affairs.”

The Indian jewellery market is estimated at over $60 billion. It is considered as the third largest in the world. Melorra wants its jewels to match the wardrobe style of its clients. That’s why the company implemented ‘Style Feed’, a feature that advices users on accessorizing their new wardrobe styles with Melorra jewellery.

They also aim to create pieces that are not just meant for investment when needed but also for a ‘buy-now, wear-now’ purpose.

Melorra is available on iOS and Android, and on a mobile responsive site.

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