Jenny Sabin Studio 3D prints a 28 foot-tall (8.5m) Steel Sculpture

Jenny Sabin Studio, a New-York based architecture studio, has recently inaugurated a 28-foot tall (8,5m) public sculpture sited on the new William H. Northwall, MD, Plaza at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Named Convergence, the winning design of this 3D printed sculpture was selected by the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Nebraska Arts Council 1% for Art Program.

As we write about this large sculpture, we can’t help but think of NFL’s 85-Foot-Tall 3D Printed Memorial on the Allegiant stadium. However, Convergence illustrates what WAAM (wire arc additive manufacturing) can do using stainless steel and robotic tools. The structure also features CNC polycarbonate panels laminated with wavelength dependent dichroic film, and stainless steel rings.

As a set of integrated material relationships, the design for Convergence incorporates part-to-whole 3D printed and machined component strategies to realize a project that celebrates lightness, dynamic structure, and equilibrium through equal and opposite forces. Through part-to-whole, individual, and collective, the project reflects and celebrates the faculty, doctors, students, researchers, administrators, and community champions — that have left their mark and defined UNMC’s past, present and future. 

Convergence is a process or state of coming together, where flows and currents meet and evolve together in a shared environment. Convergence celebrates the thriving and rich heritage of excellence of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, through innovative fabrication strategies and materialized concepts that embed change, transformation and contemplation,” says Jenny Sabin, principal and lead architectural designer at Jenny Sabin Studio.


•          4,000 lbs of robotically 3D printed stainless steel by Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions

•          Robotic 3D printing uses less steel material than traditional fabrication methods to reduce waste and save time

•          9 unique 3D printed stainless steel panels

•          One of the largest 3D printed stainless steel structures in the world

•          Responsive wavelength-dependent dichroic film laminated to digitally fabricated polycarbonate panels.

•          28′ (height) x 12′ (diameter)

An exclusive dossier in the 2021 May/June issue of 3D ADEPT Mag unveiled “the disguised complexities of Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturingwith Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions and Belgian Welding Institute as main contributors.

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