Download the 2021 May/June Issue of 3D ADEPT Mag NOW!

As we release this third issue of 3D ADEPT Mag for the year 2021, we can’t help but note that sanitary measures combined with the advancement of vaccinations around the world will already enable some organizers of events to effectively hold some in—person trade shows as from this Summer.

This means that this May/June issue of 3D ADEPT Mag will not only be distributed at home/office, but the 5th Military Additive Manufacturing Summit that is being held in the USA, will be receiving and distributing this May/June issue to all their attendees as well.

That being said, this issue is specifically interesting for military uses as we have extensively covered the topic of wire-arc additive manufacturing in our “dossier”. A dossier reminding us that WAAM may be one of the oldest processes to exist – with the first patent being delivered in the 1920s – but it remains the least highlighted in the range of AM processes, and obviously, there is a reason for this.

Main feature: Unveiling the disguised complexities of Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing

Although it is acknowledged for the large-scale manufacturing industry, WAAM does come with a number of constraints at the manufacturing level. The present dossier aims to:

  • Help professionals understand how the WAAM process works;
  • Shed light on the different challenges engineers often encounter when manufacturing with WAAM and shed light on the potential solutions that could be used to overcome them. This includes revealing the gap in the supply chain we mentioned above;
  • Share some examples of applications & a few WAAM-dedicated solutions available on the market.

With Key insights from Belgian Welding Institute, Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions – and contributions shared by WAAM3D Ltd, Guaranteed, MX3D, AML3D & GEFERTEC.

Other exclusive features include:

Software: FEA…It’s NO LONGER just an « engineer thing »

“Finding a design that works first, predicting what’s happening inside the AM machine then”. Together with ANSYS and Xometry, this segment sheds light on the main uses of FEA in an additive manufacturing production environment and how theory might differ from its practical aspect.

Interview of the Month – HYPERGANIC: Algorithms and AI, the missing pieces in the Additive Manufacturing game

The latest company that decided to turn stealth mode off is Hyperganic and we sat down with CEO & Founder Lin Kayser to understand the transformation they ambition to bring to the AM industry.


  • Relevance of new AM developments for AM Supply Chain in terms of Powder Supply

Kenan Boz, Technical Manager at EPMA, takes a closer look at the powder supply chain, as well as the variables that may influence the production of metal AM powders as compared to powders produced for conventional manufacturing processes.

  • Evonik launches new product line of photopolymers for 3D Printing

Evonik is further expanding its business in the area of additive manufacturing. The two ready-to-use materials mark the start of a new product line of polymer resins suitable for use in common vat polymerization technologies such as SLA or DLP.

Post-processing: A Closer Look at The Automated Dyeing Process For 3D Printed Parts

In the textile industry, dyeing is acknowledged as a pivotal process that provides colour to fabrics. In the additive manufacturing industry on the other hand, the ultimate goal remains the same: provide colour to ready-made 3D printed products but the technological process that enables to deliver these end-products is not always well depicted. With key insights from Girbau.

Applications: Sporting with Additive Manufacturing

There are about 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games. In this list, over 800 sports are currently said to be played around the world on a regular basis and about 200 sports are recognized sports with national and international federations. However, AM technologies have already played a key role for only 12 disciplines out of these 200. What are these AM applications? What are the AM technologies that enable them? What challenges and possible solutions may help sport companies – and eventually providers of AM technologies – move forward?  With contributions from Nolan Kim, Carbon, and Cobra Golf.

Country Focus: Is the Netherlands the hub of Construction 3D Printing?

This article highlights five things you should know about construction 3D printing in The Netherlands.