Italian manufacturer Sharebot will open another 3D store

Image credit – Sharebot

Sharebot has recently announced the launch of Sharebot 3D Store Monza, a new shop intended for design and modeling of 3D projects as well as rapid prototyping for professionals and companies aiming to install 3D printing technologies in their workflow. Situated in Via Amati 12, Monza, the opening event of the store will very soon be announced.

In order to help companies and professionals to optimize their workflow using 3D printing technology, Sharebot’s strategy is to create a set of skilled points operating in additive manufacturing. Furthermore, a physical store will facilitate the training and contribute to make the technology real and concrete to the users’ eyes.

To launch the Sharebot 3D Store Monza, the Italian 3D printers’ manufacturer collaborated with three young monzesientrepeneurs who are already active in the additive manufacturing industry. The team will provide assistance, technical support, training for companies based in Monza, Milan district and Brianza.

This store is actually the third one of the company. Its launch follows the success of Sharebot 3D Store Padova (opened in collaboration with Help3D) and Sharebot 3D Store Firenze (with Paleos, first franchise store monobrand in Italy); each point serving as a keystone to build a wide 3D printing culture in Italy.

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