wincound, a China-based startup unveiled iPen, the 3D Printing pen that will get children involved in 3D design.


iPen is a low-temperature 3D printing pen intended for children. It is part of the tools which facilitate and make funny the accessibility to 3D printing.

However, even though drawing fun shapes might be appealing to both kids and adults, notice is to be made that some parents find it quite dangerous to put an electric device in the hands of their young child.

That’s why wincound achieved several tests to ensure the safety of its new pen hence its decision to target kids and schools.

The use

The 3D pen does not need any power supply. The device can be charged like a phone and does not need to be plugged in for use. It only needs 80 ℃ to start painting with PCL filaments (another kind of environmental protection), non-toxic and biodegradable materials at low temperature.

PCL filaments are just like PLA filaments when they are used. They turn into solid after the user painted for a few seconds so they can create what you want.

wincound offers pattern stencils of some interesting models in its package so that children can draw on the pattern first, and when it becomes solid a few seconds later, they could easily 3D draw.

The startup just launched a Kickstarter campaign where backers can get a super early bird deal for the 3D pen for HK$382 ($49 = 42.21 €).

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