Interview: Pete Roberts brings further details on Altair’s recently launched Global Startup Program

Two weeks ago, Altair launched its Global Startup Program. The software company gets used to support companies in their software needs. This program is therefore a way of formalizing the situation. Pete Roberts, Marketing Director for the EMEA region has shared with us further details regarding the conditions for startups that are willing to participate. #OpinionoftheWeek

What triggered the launch of the Global Startup Program?

Altair’s vision is to transform design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout product lifecycles.  Since startups are at the forefront of innovation it’s important that we support hardware startups through software, expertise and support.

What type of companies might join the network? (To choose eligible companies, do you take into account their size? The area of activity, the place etc.)  

We will support hardware startups from any industry who would need simulation software to develop their products.  They may also need to make use of our cloud computing tools as well as our IoT platform. Companies are eligible if they are privately held, with a revenue of less than $10m per year and have been in business less than 4 years. 

Is there a limited number of participating companies?

No we don’t have any limit to the number of companies who can participate.  We also don’t have any geographical limitations.

How big is the difference between current pricing and preferential pricing that will be granted to participating companies?

We are offering preferential pricing on the software for startups together with up to 16 hours of consulting time from a team of expert engineers.   Costs are probably the biggest headache in any startup so we are thrilled to be able to work more closely with startups by offering them access to a range of tools to fit their needs.

Image courtesy Rolo Bike & Altair
Advantages are clearly outlined for participating companies. What could be the limitations of the GSP for them?

We don’t see any limitations on the program for any company.  Once a company has grown substantially and no longer qualifies as a startup, they are still part of our Altair family! We offer solutions for a company’s growing needs and access to over 150 Altair Partner Alliance software applications. So, you see we are able to help companies scale for growth effectively.

What are the main advantages of Altair in the launch of this program?

Our tag line ‘simulation-driven-innovation’ says it all.  We are excited by the innovation we see in the startup community and we want to do everything we can from a business perspective to encourage this growth around the world.

What else can we expect from the GSP? And from Altair?

Our program offers start-ups the same technologies used by the world’s leading manufacturers across different industries such as Samsung, Boeing and Ford.  The software, together with the consulting hours ensures accelerated product development and will allow them to assess design feasibility early in the process.

Your last word?  

We have helped many startups over the years and now with our startup program we are merely formalizing our offer.  Marketing and PR are important factors for the startup to consider and we offer opportunities for successful startups to share their stories across our many channels.  We host Altair Technology Conferences around the world every year for our customers – we’ve had startups on the centre-stage sharing their stories with a large audience of industry leaders.

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