Interview – Ismail Baran, Co-founder and co-CEO of Lixpen: “A 3D pen does not require any fundamental knowledge…It’s all about practice!”

The 3D printing pen is certainly one of the technologies that is increasingly gaining popularity among a diversified public. Its main advantage being the fact that it does not require any fundamental knowledge, this technology is as fun as practice.

Within a couple of years, a wide range of companies have positioned themselves on the 3D pen market, however, only few of them distinguish themselves among hundreds of manufacturers.

Lixpen, a Belgian company that manufactures and commercializes 3D pens, is part of this latter group. Founded in 2014 by three young entrepreneurs, the company has already a few awards in hand. Lixpen has proven itself both on the international and national markets and its premium product is acknowledged in the industry.

Ismail Baran, Co-founder and co-CEO of Lixpen, tells us today the first steps of the company on the market and what we can expect from them. #OpinionoftheWeek


Tell us more about Lixpen

Lixpen was founded in 2014. In 2013, after the implementation of the first prototype, we launched a crowdfunding campaign (May 2014) which was successful and raised about 1.2 million dollars. Later on, we decided to make the industrialization of the prototype. We completed this first stage of development in one year after which we finally started to sell the product online.

Who can use a Lixpen?

First of all, it should be noticed that our pen enables any user to create anything from details to prototypes, as well as complex and high detailed creations.

In addition to hobbyists such as teachers, our main customers are mostly creative people: architects, designers, fashion designers, artists.

What are the main features of a Lixpen?

Ergonomic, user-friendly, quality components. The design and the accurate engineering are the two main characteristics that position our pen among the top qualities 3D pens of the market. It is more reliable on the long-term and seduces by its capacity of precision. Moreover, its noiseless and continuous flow enables to easily doodle in the air.

What are the different materials available for the Lixpen? Is there any specific use for each of them?

For now, two main materials are available: the PLA and the ABS. ABS is convenient for 3D standing structures.  If you want to draw in the air, you can choose ABS. If you are willing to draw other surfaces, the PLA would be more convenient, and reliable.

Besides that, PLA is natural based-plastic so parents and teachers will be willing to choose the most this type of material.

 Any advice you would like to give to beginners regarding the use of 3D pens?

It’s all about practice. Handling a 3D pen requires you to know how you should move your hand to get the expected result but also what to do when the plastic will be extruded. For instance, if you try to draw a line in the air, you should wait a few seconds until the plastic is completely dried and stands by itself. The learning code is not really defined and depends on the way the user practices.

How would you compare the use of 3D printer and the use of a 3D pen?

Obviously, each device is used for a specific goal; nevertheless, speaking about big differences, a 3D printer requires a certain knowledge in the design of 3D models which is not necessary in the use of a 3D pen.

A 3D pen does not require any fundamental knowledge however both devices will bring a big revolution in teaching methods, by arousing creativity on the one hand; on the other hand, by facilitating comprehension by making things visually real.

Where is Lixpen distributed?

Lixpen is distributed worldwide. Our main market is the US.

What are the prospects of development you can share with us?

We are currently preparing an upgraded version of the current product. It will have the same style and design but the mechanical properties will completely be enhanced: it will be more precise, and easy-to-use for the user. Furthermore, in a few months, we will have a new Lixpen for a new audience.

Last, obviously, just as each company, we want to grow. Our aim is to become the leader and the reference of the 3D pen market.  #StayTuned

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