Interspectral integrates EOS Connect with AM Explorer to streamline 3D printing quality assurance process

EOS users can now monitor the quality assurance process of 3D printing and lower quality inspection costs as Interspectral has integrated the EOS Connect with the AM Explorer. Image Credits: Interspectral

3D visualisation tech company Interspectral has launched  an EOS Connect integration module in AM Explorer to streamline the quality assurance process of 3D printing. 

This will help EOS customers get direct access to data monitoring from the EOS machines within the AM Explorer. This is the way forward in monitoring quality assurance for EOS users as shown by the company at Formnext this year. Last year, Interspectral partnered with 3D printer manufacturer AddUp for better data monitoring for 3D visualization using AddUp’s monitoring suite.

 EOS users with EOSCONNECT Core across the world can already use the integrated AM Explorer. This includes R&D labs, 3D printing service providers and powder suppliers. 

The AM Explorer  is an OEM-agnostic 3D visualization software which lets users create 

 multi-channel digital twins from design, simulation, process monitoring, and post-build part analysis data collected throughout the entire additive manufacturing (AM) process. 

Clément Barret of MMB Volum-e, a French 3D printing service provider explained how Interspectral’s AM Explorer made quality assurance efficient as it enabled quick quality control in their serial production. 

“AM Explorer is our go-to software for understanding non-conformities, and we’re looking forward to see how the product will evolve with more and more automation in future releases”, said  Clément Barret. 

Reducing quality inspection costs and errors

The CEO of Interspectral Isabelle Hachette explained how they are trying to address the manual quality inspection process by breaking down data silos for EOS users. 

“They can now seamlessly access data from their printers and analyze it with powerful interactive 3D visualization, combining it with information from simulations and post-build analyses”, said Isabelle Hachette. 

According to Isabelle Hachette, studies conducted by Interspectral shows that 3D printing service providers can reduce quality inspection costs by over 50% along with lowering critical errors. 

The EOSCONNECT Core and AM explorer integration has given EOS users direct access to EOS machine data such as PowderBed and OT images. With AM Explorer the data can be aggregated from different sources to create 3D visualizations for the AM parts production. 

This data can be integrated with post-build analyses and simulations to generate a comprehensive view of the additive manufacturing process, thus eliminating data silos. 

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