Inside a 3D Printing plant…

Could Sonova be the Future of Mass Customized Manufacturing?

The recurrent use of 3D printing by companies gives them the ability to customize their products while potentially reducing production in order to ensure a better stock management.

Sonova, hearing care solutions provider, lays emphasis on mass customized manufacturing by running a great number of 3D printing factories from all over the world.  

In images below, discover Sonova’s Aurora Operations and Distribution Center (AODC)… filled with 3D printers, a set of silent gray machines on wheels with distinctive orange hoods, all contributing to the process of creating 3D printed hearing aids.

As far as the introduction of 3D printing in their manufacturing process is concerned, Mujo Bogaljevic, Vice President of Operations at Sonova US, says while maintaining a positive opinion on EnvisionTEC’s 3D printers: “I’m very proud that we were the first one to bring this new 3D technology into on-demand manufacturing. We have completely transformed the way custom hearing aids are made. Today, EnvisionTEC technology is the standard in our industry.

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