IKEA exploits 3D Printing for the fabrication of ergonomic chairs for gamers

It’s probably weird to admit that, but gamers are part of those people who spend most of their time sitting given their activity and as you may know, spending an increasing amount of time sitting might lead to aching backs. Therefore, finding a very comfortable chair is vital.

Les joueurs étaient à l’honneur lors des Journées du design démocratique IKEA 2018.

IKEA might have found a solution to this matter by collaborating with the San Francisco-based prosthetics firm UNYQ. The two companies developed the “Ubik” chair with the help of 3D printing and body-scanning technology designed for medical wearables.

It’s all about customization

Funny but true, customers get their buttocks scan when they purchase the Ubik at IKEA stores. Two weeks later, they receive by mail 3D printed inserts based on their biometric data. The lattice inserts slide into the seat and prop the user up in the ideal posture. However, it should be noted that this IKEA prototype is just the seat, without a backrest.

Gamers are an extreme use case. They’re athletes, they’re competing with their minds and their bodies,” says Ingemarsson, who tested the prototype. “I think bringing this type of personalization to fit unique ergonomic needs, body types and modes of play will give somebody a healthier life and a better competitive advantage.

To be able to personalize ergonomics for each and every person—that’s a gigantic possibility,says Engman.To get the factories out to people, not bringing things from factories to people, that’s a completely different outlook in product development and design for the future.”

Note that this is not IKEA’s first attempt in the use of 3D printing. The Swedish furniture specialist additively manufactured last year 3D printed accessories for jewels.

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