How 3D Evolution and 3D Analyzer software have been upgraded

CoreTechnologie announced on Friday the official release of the version 4.2 of 3D Evolution and 3D Analyzer. In terms of Interoperability Software solutions of the software company, we are already aware of 4D_Additive and its features that ensure the preparation of models and their manufacturing using 3D printing technology. CoreTechnology unveils the main updates in the use of these software.

3D Analyzer

As a reminder, one of the objectives of this software was to facilitate the analysis of wall thicknesses, undercuts and demoulding angles on the one hand, on the other hand, the calculation of projected surfaces of components and assembly groups of complex plastic parts.

Today, improvements show that it allows the user to quickly have quick statistics on the content of a model (number of solids, triangles…) through the new control profile. In addition, the calculation of a propagation distance map is facilitated through access to one or more entry points, which makes it possible to take exact measurements in the sectional drawing.

It should also be noted that kinematics management and animation-creation interface have now been integrated based on junctions and constraints.

3D Evolution

It is hard to talk about version 4.2 without remembering the experts ‘enthusiasm when they discovered two years ago, the graphics concept based on tools arranged in an App style.

The software publisher mainly updates the reconstruction feature with history and interfaces. It was absolutely necessary to improve the reconstruction with history at the level of materials management and sketch constraints.

Furthermore, with the update of the interfaces, the software now supports the latest versions of the main CAD software, including NX12, Creo 5 and Catia V5-6R2018.


CoreTechnology users will certainly discover further improvements when using both software. Feel free to refer to the technical sheet for more information about these software.

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