Helping other kids after 3D printing a prosthetic arm for his two-year old son

This is the story of Ben Ryan and Kate, a couple whose son, Sol, suffered a birth-related injury that resulted in his left arm being amputated below the elbow.

The parents created a 3D printed arm for their two-year old son and today they are willing to help other kids that suffer from similar diseases.

RS Components, a supplier of industrial components and tools, supports Ben and his wife in this journey by enabling them to test several Ambionics prosthetics on individuals from around the world by working with 3D scans of their limbs.

Alison Hutchings, Assistant Global Manager of 3D Printing at RS, stated, I saw the moving and heartwarming story of Ben Ryan on television news and thought there could be a way RS could help. We contacted Ben Ryan on LinkedIn and built a relationship with him. His mission and bold vision inspired us. Above all, that it was someone with no prior knowledge in the development or relevant background in construction, spoke to us. So, we decided to support [the] Ambionics [project]. By providing the 3D print filament, Ryan can concentrate fully on the beta test without being constrained by production costs.

Discover the whole story in this video:


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