GuardLab® used 3DP technology to achieve the APEX™ Boil, Bite Mouthguard and Digitized At-Home Impression Kits.

GuardLab®, a custom mouthguard brand expands its product line using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. The company developed the APEX™ Boil and Bite Mouthguard and Digitized At-Home Impression Kits.

GuardLab CEO, Aidan Butler explained that they wanted to create a better boil and bite for the younger athletes and their parents, with an easy-fit design for enhanced protection and comfort.

Our patent-pending APEX™ Guard is an exciting solution with pre-indented teeth marks that will meld around your teeth much quicker,the aim being to be more comfortable and to get a custom-fit product.

The new Digitized At-Home Impression Kits are designed for athletes who don’t have a nearby Scanning location yet, or simply prefer to do a self-impression from the comfort of their own home. Through GuardLab’s technology, they will be replacing traditional stone and putty models with digitized files for improved accuracy and quicker replacements.

GuardLab will continue to offer 3D Scan appointments at GuardLab Dentists, on-location Scan Events and GuardLab scan sites (opening in 2018), making GuardLab more accessible to adult and youth athletes, everywhere.   

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