As part of its fourth quarter financial results, Groupe Gorgé lays emphasis on the “strong growth in 3D printing division”. 4 main divisions characterize Groupe Gorgé’s services: Smart Safety Systems, Protection of High-Risk Installations, Structure & disposals and 3D Printing.

Just as in Q3, 3D printing remains the division with a strong performance. The department generates €13.0 million in the fourth quarter of 2017, which refers to an increase of 74.3% compared to the same period in 2016.

Image via Prodways

A number of reasons might explain this performance:

First of all, Prodways, a company of Groupe Gorgé also carried out some acquisitions that are beneficial for the Group. The recently completed acquisition of AvenAo, a specialist of 3D design applications, plays a big role in the increase of performance of the 3D printing division.

Furthermore, if machine sales fell compared to the same period in 2016, it should be noticed that sales of 3D printing materials to Prodways customers rose by 74% on the quarter and 51% on the financial year, driven by the increase in the installed base and the success of the new polyurethane introduced during the year.

As far as Products business are concerned, Groupe Gorgé mentions a rise of 45.2% which is driven by sales of parts on demand, and Interson Protac, another Prodways’ acquisition, which for the first time contributed on a full quarter.

Medical applications recorded a good growth which surged by more than 300% for Scientifeet® 3D-printed insoles.

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