GoEngineer buys Rapid PSI in a bid to enhance its 3D printing capabilities

The world of 3D printing is up for major change as software and hardware development company GoEngineer acquired 3D printing bureau Rapid PSI

In a major development, software and hardware 3D printing facilities supplying company GoEngineer has announced that they have bought 3D printing service bureau Rapid PSI which is known for supplying 3D printed parts to a range of sectors including aerospace and consumer goods. 

The company was based out of Wichita, Kansas and it will remain there even after the integration with GoEngineer.  The Rapid PSI team has been supporting GoEngineer with new products, services and resources since the acquisition last month, on September 15.

With this acquisition, two major players in the engineering and additive manufacturing space have come together to change the world of 3D printing. 

While GoEngineer is well-known for distributing high-end engineering solutions like CAMWorks, SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys, Rapid PSI happens to be a recognised face amongst 3D printed parts suppliers. With the acquisition of Rapid PSI, GoEngineer gets the necessary boost to expand its 3D printing capabilities and enhance its expertise. 

GoEngineer also provides 3D printers and 3D scanners for industrial manufacturing. Since 1998, Rapid PSI has been offering rapid prototyping services like 

  • Fused Deposition Modeling 
  • Selective Laser Sintering 
  • Stereolithography Machining 
  • Vacuum Forming

This acquisition speaks of GoEngineer’s commitment towards providing 3D printing solutions to the Additive Manufacturing industry, increasing the functional abilities of people and empowering businesses. 

Speaking about the Rapid PSI acquisition, the CEO and Founder of GoEngineer Ken Coburn said that “the integration reinforces GoEngineer’s commitment to providing comprehensive engineering solutions to the manufacturing industry as a whole”. 

Coburn welcomed Rapid PSI to the GoEngineer family: “Rapid PSI’s reputation as a leading 3D printing service bureau adds a new dimension to GoEngineer’s suite of offerings. This includes a wide range of 3D printing services, including prototyping, production-grade additive manufacturing, and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of various industries including those needing ITAR compliance, said GoEngineer founder.

Meanwhile, the President of Rapid PSI, Phil Nettleton spoke about the potential of this integration as it allows them to leverage GoEngineer’s network and extensive resources for additive manufacturing. 

 “Together, we will be able to offer even more advanced 3D printing solutions to our clients, helping them revolutionize their product development processes”, said Rapid PSI President. 

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