Get your “invincible” 10-watt laser for your 3D printer or a CNC machine

Following the success of previous giveaways, Endurance Lasers is giving you another opportunity to get a 10-watt laser.

Ultimate power. Friendly community.

  • Engraves on stainless steel, copper and brass.
  • Cuts 3-5 mm (1/6”) wood and plywood with just 1-5 passes.
  • Cuts 8 mm (1/3”) dark acrylic with 2-3 passes.
  • Compatible with almost all 3D printers and CNC machines.

You can join the giveaway until November 27th. Join here. Good luck!

Learn more about Endurance Lasers here
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Contact us if you have any questions:
skype: george.fomitchev
+7.916.225.4302 (Whatsapp, viber)

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