German RepRap 3D Printer helps to address sustainability in the manufacturing of BICAR’s electric vehicle

Switzerland-based reseller KVT-Fastening recently represented German RepRap GmbH in a collaboration with the Centre for Product and Process Development (ZPP) of ZHAW in Zurich. The centre ensures product development in mechanical engineering from the first idea to the final series product. In the fight for climate change, the Share your BICAR AG, which is located in the ZHAW, has taken on the challenge of creating a sustainable Electric vehicle.

ZHAW’s School of Engineering was the development partner as part of this project. The engineering team therefore approached KVT-Fastening who provided the German RepRap x1000 3D printer for the purpose.

With its open platform, the industrial 3D printer provides a great advantage for ZHAW’s project. Since the end of January 2019, the machine is now being used primarily for topics such as functional integration, customization, lightweight construction and, quite conventionally, also prototype production.

One of the most decisive advantages for the use of additive manufacturing technologies, such as the FFF process and thus also the machines of the German RepRap GmbH, is the high degree of design freedom. It enables the designers to develop completely new approaches in terms of design and function. “With traditional processes, components with complex structures and bionic shapes, as shown on the BICAR, are usually very difficult or even impossible,” explains Adrian Burri, Managing Director of Share your BICAR AG. With the help of German RepRap’s 3D Printer, however, it is relatively simple, fast and has the right quality. In addition, companies benefit from shorter production times and lower costs. German RepRap offers an open material platform and the corresponding material diversity.”

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