GE AEP: 2,001 schools in 36 countries and 1,296,500 students already have access to 3D Printing technologies

This year marks the third cycle of the Additive Education Program, a program that aims to give students the opportunity to discover STEAM technologies including 3D Printing via a well-detailed curriculum.

The company behind this initiative, GE Additive, announced that, since the launch of the program, over 1,296,000 students and 2,000 schools in 36 countries have already benefitted from a package of hardware, software and STEAM curriculum.

The United States, Australia, Canada, Spain and the Republic of Ireland are part of the top countries that are currently receiving 3D Printers for this cycle.

As a reminder, students can get access to the desired content for their training via the Polar Cloud. Depending on their own requirements, each participating school can sell students’ models on their own store via the Polar Cloud’s online platform. Furthermore, thanks to a dashboard, teachers can easily manage students’ activities and data on student engagement, designs, prints, and other key performance indicators.

Last but not least, a premium member access is required to join the Polar Cloud; a simple procedure that ensures access to tools, software and applications in a collaborative and secure environment. As far as 3D Printing technologies are concerned, a Dremel Digilab 3D45 or a Monoprice Voxel polymer 3D printer, filament, STEAM curriculum and lesson plans from STEAMtrax and Tinkercad are a few of the available resources.

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