GE Additive remains Zenith Technica’s “winning team”

Zenith Technica increases its AM production portfolio with GE Additive’s electron beam melting technology

In sport the saying goes, “do not change a winning team”. A saying that can now be applied in every sector of activity including the additive manufacturing industry where manufacturers are in hidden competition to demonstrate the quality of their products.

In Today’s story, GE Additive remains Zenith Technica’s winning team since the provider of metal 3D Printing services increases its AM production portfolio with another electron beam melting technology.

Zenith Technica’s expertise relies in the design and fabrication of 3D printed titanium and other metals using electron beam melting (EBM). A service that the Auckland-based company supplied to the market with GE Additive’s support at the manufacturing level, from the very first day. With its reputation in the industry, Zenith Technica provides aerospace, automotive and medical companies with its services.

With the installation of their fourth and fifth GE Additive Arcam EBM machines – two additional Q10plus systems, the company is probably one of the largest EBM service bureaus in the world.

A key focus on medical sector driving demand

Zenith Technica is now more equipped to reinforce its commitment to a US-based medical implant manufacturer. The company has already the required certifications and has completed IQ, OQ & PQ for medical implant manufacture on its existing Q10plus machine.

We have additively manufactured over 400 components that are now in orbit.  So, we’re used to working with highly-regulated industries, such as aerospace and defense and the medical sector,” comments Matt Wielenga, CEO of Zenith.

Where we add even more value is though our very deep expertise to get the most out of EBM technology, design for additive – whether it is determining what geometry is possible, how to get the best finish, what tolerances are achievable, or simply how to reduce cost,” adds Matt Wielenga, CEO of Zenith.

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