GE Additive reaches new heights: a ten-year agreement with University of Sydney to develop metal AM

GE Executive Event

One can only sign a long-term partnership with a collaborator that has a long-term vision, above all, a collaborator that one trusts. The University of Sydney has found in GE Additive this type of collaborator. Both companies signed a ten-year agreement that consists for the specialist of AM to support the development of metal AM in Australia.

GE Executive Event

A decisive moment for Australia

This moment is crucial not only for the technology but also for Australia. The country has to develop economic opportunities raised by the technology, to educate people and enable them to acquire the required skills for new jobs that will be created; not to mention the necessary investments for researches.

Given these expectations, GE Additive will invest a maximum of US$1 million annually over the next ten years.

Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Dr Michael Spence affirmed that “by partnering with GE Additive, an industry leader in additive manufacturing, [they] can set the agenda for this disruptive technology and ensure that Australia is primed to both participate in, and contribute to, this exciting next phase of the industrial revolution. The collaboration will drive the R&D needed to learn how this disruption to manufacturing can be harnessed for economic benefit.” “We are especially delighted that this initiative aligns with our plan to establish a new campus at Parramatta/ Westmead, where advanced manufacturing will be a key focus,” added the Principal.

 The Additive Agenda

Thanks to this Memorandum of Understanding, the University will create a 1,000sqm Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials Processing research facility.

Other key points of the collaboration will concern the development of materials and powder technologies, the development of new applications as well as AM industries that will foster commercial activities and a bilateral access to GE Additive‘s and the University of Sydney’s local and global networks of academic, industry and government stakeholders.

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