GE Additive and GKN’s agreement to work on additive manufacturing

GE Additive, Concept Laser and Arcam AB will collaborate on Additive Manufacturing (AM).

In their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreed on the fact that GKN will receive a provision of additive machines and services, becoming by this way a GE Additive Production Partner.

The global engineering group GKN on its side, becomes a non-exclusive preferred AM powder supplier to GE Additive and its affiliated companies.

GE Additive and GKN both understand the transformative power that additive manufacturing will have in the aerospace and automotive industries,” said Vice President and General Manager of GE Additive, Mohammad Ehteshami.Additive machines from Concept Laser and Arcam will bring tremendous value to this GKN relationship and we look forward to collaborating more closely in the future.

The agreement

In addition to GKN and GE Additive’s new positions mentioned earlier, notice is to be made that GKN will wear several hats as part of this agreement.

In order to enable new market opportunities, both companies will work on development projects on powder bed and freeform deposition technologies.

“AddWorks”, GE Additive’s Engineering Consulting Team will support GKN and its affiliates with the acceleration and industrialisation of AM machines.

Jos Sclater, Head of Strategy at GKN, said: “We look forward to working with GE Additive on this revolutionary technology. GKN has a strong history of producing and certifying AM parts and powder, and by working together, GKN and GE can accelerate future developments in additive manufacturing and meet the growing demand we’re seeing across a range of industries.

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