From aesthetic to functionality, the very first 3D Printed socket of UNYQ

Images via UNYQ

Having a customized 3D printed prosthetic leg is a great opportunity that can improve somebody’s life. However, having a prosthetic leg that is both comfortable and nice to look may enable users to not feel annoyed by others’ eyes or to simply feel more comfortable with their prosthetic leg.

That’s the reason why UNYQ, a company that specializes in the production of customized 3D printed prosthetics and orthotics also works on this aesthetic side of the issue. The company unveiled this week-end its very first 3D-printed leg socket at the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) annual conference in Harrogate, United Kingdom.

The company’s socket provides both its wearer and the clinician a wide range of benefits:

In addition to having a customized product, UNYQ has removed a big part of metal that is usually found in a traditional prosthetic leg, which makes the UNYQ socket far lighter than others.  Furthermore, sensors have been integrated to record the wearers activity, including steps and calories burnt.

As for clinicians, they get access to data and the ability to easily replicate the product. Indeed, what people do not know is that amputees often have several prosthetic legs, so being able to reproduce it by just pressing a button is a way to save a lot of time.

 Manuel Boza, Co-Founder and VP of Prosthetics at UNYQ, explained that “this is another step forward in being able to provide amputees with a total leg solution. A solution where it’s practically one component, rather than a mish mash of different elements bolted together. We are working hard to further develop our Prosthetics Wear line, as well as the other exciting medical wearables in our pipeline, to continue to support our end users.”

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