FossiLabs launches 3D printed ‘fully’ porous PEEK bone-like structures within implantable devices

FossiLabs, LLC has launched a FFF 3D printed ‘fully’ porous PEEK bone-like structures within implantable devices. The US-based company specializes in engineering porous bone-like structures in polyether ether ketone (PEEK).

3D Printing solid or defined porous structures anywhere within the 3D space remains a tough challenge for most operators. As a matter of fact, most product counterparts have had surface porosity or windows within defined layers.

How did FossiLabs manage to overcome this challenge with its new solution?

Leveraging a proprietary hardware and software, FossiLabs has been able identify solid and controlled bone-like macroporsity regions within existing client models.

According to implant technology specialists, thanks to additive manufacturing “the proprietary implant line creates a hierarchical surface roughness that improves initial fixation, provides a stable environment for bone growth, and contributes to the osteogenic nature of the implant design.”

In this specific case, FossiLabs explained that for spacers and cages for the spine, desired bone growth areas can be defined, and 3D printed in PEEK.

Using 3D printing technology makes it possible to create a porous structure that would not be possible using traditional methods. The increased surface area and the full porosity encourage new bone on-growth and in-growth of the implant, leading to greater integration strength. Add hydroxyapatite (HA) nanocoating, now you have something unmatched in the industry,” said Todd Reith, Founder/President at FossiLabs.

Now that the solution has proved its worth, the company aims to partner with medical device companies to license its technology.  It goes without saying that, such a type of collaborations would enable them to improve their existing static product lines and develop exclusive new high-performance products.

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