Named Agile Embrace, Fluid Symmetry and Compact Suspension, the new fragrance collection already marks by its attractive and atypical 3D printed bottles.

Although it may happen, it is not every day that an automotive specialist launches a new product in a field that is not primarily its core business. The creation of these three exclusive limited-edition pieces is the result of a collaboration between Formula 1 and designer Ross Lovegrove.

The world of Formula 1 actually inspired the creation of this collection by the visionary designer whose work aims to reflect a combination of technology and dynamism.

What makes each design unique?

The first fragrance, Agile Embrace highlights a gold-plated design and results from the principles of form created from flow.

The second design is made from 3D Printed Blasted Titanium. It is the result from the evolving organic lines of the cars aerodynamic design. The designer wanted to show a sort of bio aesthetic representative of our century.

As for Compact Suspension, its design required a strong 3D printed geometry and aims to reflect the engineering of advanced innovative structures in the automotive wolrd.

For the manufacturing process, Ross Lovegrove utilized a digital light synthesis 3D printing technology, creating an intricate and stunning techno-polymeric resin-based exoskeleton.

Dilesh Mehta, Designer Parfums Chairman & CEO comments on this launch: “We are leveraging the sport’s heritage and principles to build a unique fragrance brand that merges a highly legitimate approach to the perfume world with the core values of Formula 1. Being the first fragrance brand to utilise 3D printing is a huge achievement, and we look forward to pushing this even further in future years when we will offer consumers the ability to create their own customised designs

The fragrance collection will be available in retailers’ shops from April 2020.

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