Formnext 2021 will be open to those who have recovered from or been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Mesago, the organizer of formnext, has announced that the event – set to take place in Frankfurt from November 16th to 19th –, will be open to those who have recovered from or been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Made in consultation with the Exhibitor Advisory Board, Mesago said the legal framework for this move is provided by the state of Hesse’s Corona Protection Ordinance, which allows organizers the choice of applying the German “3G rule” (access for tested, recovered and vaccinated persons) or the German “2G rule” (recovered and vaccinated persons only).

“When making our decision, we carefully weighed up the pros and cons of both options. We decided that the 2G rule ensures more safety, freedom and convenience at the exhibition grounds,” explains Petra Haarburger, President of Mesago Messe Frankfurt. According to the “2G rule”, only those who have been vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19 may attend an event. There is then no need to wear a mask or adhere to social distancing rules. “We were glad to take advantage of this rule in Hesse because it allows our exhibitors and visitors to enjoy an authentic trade show experience and hold normal conversations,” adds Sascha Wenzler, Vice President of Mesago Messe Frankfurt’s Formnext event.

The rule is mandatory for all participating in Formnext. It applies to all of the exhibitors’ and trade show organizer’s employees as well as to all service providers. Those who have recovered from Covid-19 can verify their status with an appropriate official document. Persons, who have been injected with a vaccine not licensed in Germany require a current PCR test in addition to proof of vaccination.

The sample for this must not have taken place more than 48 hours prior to this. A rapid antigen test is not sufficient proof. These are the admission rules for the event. Country-specific travel regulations must be observed regardless. Checkpoints will be set up on the exhibition grounds in Frankfurt to ensure compliance with the rule.

The German “2G rule” combined with outstanding ventilation in the trade show halls ensures a very high level of safety at Formnext 2021.

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