Formnext 2019: a wide selection of supporting events

Formnext is a lot of things. THE annual gathering is set to host over 750 exhibitors and over 26,919 visitors in November in Frankfurt. So, if those 25 000+ visitors do not attend the event to discover innovations from the likes of ExOne, Stratasys and its subsidiaries, HP, SLM Solutions, Solukon, ex-Stream and hundreds of other exhibitors, what else can they discover?

Established events

TCT Conference at Formnext

Every year, TCT brings together experts and users of AM. Based on a high-quality conference program, they discuss current trends and developments in the industry. This year, there will be no exception to this rule.


Challenges are a key part of industry events. Through fair competition, participants are able to highlight originality through technology, not to mention that recognition of industry peers means a lot to participants.

The Purmundus Challenge

For visitors on the other hand, it’s another way to discover real applications made by innovators “like them”.

In this vein, the Purmundus Challenge has been created. For visitors, it’s an opportunity to be part of the show as active participants by taking part in the selection process of the “Public Choice Award”.

So far, contestants have always been able to create both daily life applications and more technical solutions.

The theme for this year’s international competition of ideas is “Beyond 3D Printing”. Participants will explore new ideas and customizable applications that leverage freedom of design within 3D Printing and 4D Printing.

3D printing has reached the “plateau of productivity”. Applications have been able to demonstrate improvements in comfort and efficiency. 4D Printing, on the other hand, is not yet gaining momentum but it is already a hot topic among curious. Moreover, the technology has already cemented some drivers in disciplines such as bioengineering, materials science, chemistry, and computer sciences.

The jury aims to explore creative integration of 3D and 4D printing via useful applications. As part of this edition of the challenge, the benefits in terms of use, economy, aesthetics as well as design and innovation will be judged. Lastly, just like in the previous edition, the public will be able to vote for its preferred innovation throughout the show.

The Formnext Start-up challenge

One of the most exciting moments for a start-up is when it receives an acknowledgement from industry peers.

As the market is gaining more maturity, it encourages both the creation of new companies and established companies to create their 3D Printing business unit. The industry needs a challenge that will reflect companies’ ability to push boundaries of the technology through new solutions.

By honoring the winners from such challenge, prominent representatives from the realms of industry, science, media, and investment are telling these companies they bring an added value to this industry.

AdditiveLab (Belgium), Exponential Technologies Ltd. (Latvia), Glassomer (Germany), LMI – Laser Melting Innovations (Germany), and Spectroplast (Switzerland) are the winning start-ups that have impressed the international judging panel with their own specialty: software and simulation solutions for more efficient additive manufacturing, a low-cost metal printer, and additive manufacturing solutions using glass and silicone. Due to our media partnership with Formnext, those start-ups will also benefit for a one-year communication support through our communication portals.

Visitors will have the chance to discover a unique insight into their core business during the Pitchnext event and a preview of future developments in the industry.

The AM4U platform

It is no secret that events are also the place to be to seize job opportunities within companies. At Formnext, it’s been two years already that the organizer has dedicated a specific platform to help job seekers find their dream job. If you want to give another direction to your career, you know what to do!

New sub-events

This is an industry that never sleeps, so does Mesago. This year, the organizer is launching a range of new features – sometimes in collaboration with partners from a diverse range of industries.

AM in the construction industry

As per the words of Christoph Stüker, Communication & Marketing Manager of Formnext, in the previous issue of our magazine: “Another key area that visitors will discover during the 2019 edition is the BE-AM Built Environment – Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2019. For the first time, we will support another event dedicated to the integration of AM in the construction industry. The event is organized by the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. We are supplying a platform that will bring these experts together and develop what they need.

A “Special US Day”

As a reminder, USA is a partner country for this fifth edition of Formnext. Special highlights are therefore being prepared by Mesago and the U.S. Commercial Service:  a discussion panel of renowned speakers and the “AM Standards Forum” are part of the supporting events that await visitors.

 User Case Area PIM/MIM/CIM

Mesago partnered with PIM International, to showcase an interface between additive manufacturing and modern mass production. Visitors will appreciate the value of metal injection molding (MIM), ceramic injection molding (CIM), and powder injection molding (PIM), compared to AM through hundred of components that will be showcased during the event.  The idea behind this demonstration is to better envision the mass production of high-precision components made from the most varied materials.

There is still one month to go before the event. Other supporting events can be added to the event. In the meantime, if one of these events already raise your interest, you still have time to secure your place.


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