Formlabs announces the launch of Fuse 1 and Form Cell

During the Digital Factory conference, the company announced its two new products: Fuse 1, its first 3D printer SLS and Form Cell, a robotic system that allows users to manage the Form 2 with greater autonomy.
As a reminder, in 2012 the first 3D desktop SLA printer was launched, a technology made available to artists, product designers and engineers. Today, the 3D printing manufacturer renews the same approach.

For Max Lobovsky, CEO of the company, “while everyone thought it was impossible to reduce SLS costs, [they] did it with Fuse 1. With Form Cell, [they] are multiplying Form 2’s possibilities to an automation system. The 10 million impressions SLA printer becomes a real production tool.”

Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer

Large companies seeking practical solutions are already enjoying the good news! Google as well as New Balance are part of them. The latter just signed a commercial agreement with the 3D printing manufacturer to create new models of shoes.
Prices and features
Fuse 1
Available from 9,999 € and in pre-order from 1,000 €, as early as mid-2018, Fuse 1 appears as “20 times cheaper than the most affordable SLS industrial machines.”
In addition, the complete system consisting of “the printer, a post-processing station with material recovery, an additional manufacturing piston to directly relaunch an impression and a nylon refill” is available for 19,999 €.
As far as the available materials are concerned, the Nylons PA 12 and PA 11 mechanical properties of Fuse 1 are offered.

Form Cell

Form Cell

This system makes the repetitive steps of 3D printing automatic. These include the autonomous robot cell and the reduction of working time.
Indeed, it is now possible to print parts by unit or in series, to manage prints, to detect errors and to remotely monitor work. Moreover, with the integration in the factories, “Form Cell has an API which allows configuration with several external systems (CRM, ERP, MES).”




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