Two weeks ago, Formfutura has announced the Kickstarter launch of the Lotus EZ 3D printer, that will be manufactured by its sister company Lotus 3D Printers.

The 3D printer integrates the LCD SLA technology and will function with an open source LCD-LED resin. The plug & play resin device enables wireless connectivity, does not require any bed leveling and demonstrates an ease of interaction with software.

Indeed, the manufacturer explained that the build platform and attachment are machined to the highest quality whereas the resin vat requires the use of magnets to attach. “The edges of the resin vat are sloped inwards, allowing spilled resin to flow back into the vat. The handy integrated pouring spouts in the four corners allow for ease of pouring resin in and out of the vat. The transparent bottom of the vat (FEP – fluorinated ethylene propylene) is raised and therefore protected in the vat. The FEP will never touch any flat surface when it’s taken off the printer, protecting the delicate FEP from accidental punctures.”

Moreover, the LCD screen alongside with the build platform reduce the risk of damage. The company explained that they “designed the build platform to not only never need leveling, but also to disengage when too much upwards pressure is applied. If your build platform does push into the LCD display, it will simply disengage, avoiding damage.

As far as the software is concerned, it has been integrated into the 3D printer and has been made accessible via any browser. Furthermore, the company ensures that no third party has influence on this software.

The Kickstarter campaign of the Lotus EZ 3D Printer has already reached its financing goal. However, the campaign will run until September 14th so backers still have time to benefit from the special deals of the campaign.

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