The footwear brand Ica & Kostika takes advantage of 3D Printing to create an atypical collection: Exobiology. At first glance, one could say comfort does not seem to have been the priority of the designers but the latter ensure the opposite.

However, to lay emphasis on the design and the originality of the shoes, the creators use 3D printing that is able to create a natural foot shape.

Four distinct shoe designs are included in the Exobiology collection. Named Seahorse, Coral, Mycelium and Spine, they are said to be a way to discover “the future of life and fashion in the universe.

When art and math are combined to create 3D printed shoes

To create these shoes, the artists 3D printed them in Nylon 12, and finished them with an automotive grade electroplating. They confirm the shoes are lightweight, durable and long-lasting.

This collection is a celebration of the natural systems that create beautiful intricacies and how we can go beyond nature to create a form engineered to our desires, something otherworldly,” said Ica & Kostika co-founder Ica Paru.

Just like other 3D printed shoes that are made available in small quantity, only a small number of pairs will be produced by the company on demand. Customers will have to download an app and send a scan of their feet. The platform uses an algorithm that creates a 3D sketch of the foot before the 3D printing of the shoes.

Humans have been creators since the dawn of time — it is our very nature – and we want our art to embody our evolutionary story from our past to our future,” said Ica & Kostika. “Fusing the latest in 3D printing and data capturing technologies, we created not just a shoe, but a story of continuity and innovation, and this is our first step.

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