FLOW-3D simplifies model setup with new features of its software

For version 12.0 of its CFD software, Flow Science, Inc., a software company specializes in transient, free-surface CFD flow modeling software for industrial and scientific applications, has upgraded the design and functionality of the graphical user interface (GUI).

In addition to Immersed Boundary Method, other improvements include the Sludge Settling Model, the 2-Fluid 2-Temperature Model, and the Steady State Accelerator, which allows users to model their free surface flows even faster.

FLOW-3D v12.0 includes new features and developments in both the solver and the user interface. But without a doubt, the rejuvenation of the user interface steals the show. The UI modernization couples a new look with numerous optimizations under the hood for a much-improved user experience,” said Amir Isfahani, CEO of Flow Science. 
Isfahani further commented, “With version 12.0, we are laying the groundwork for a sophisticated user interface that will serve as the foundation for more application-specific CFD products in the pipeline. Stay tuned for those. »

On April 4, 2019 at 1:00 pm EDT, the company will host a live webinar to introduce the new models, features and design of FLOW-3D v12.0. The webinar will present the new features released in the GUI, review new modeling capabilities, and detail accuracy and performance gains.  

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