First surgeries completed with Patient-Specific 3D printed Implants

Image via Lima Corporate

Produced at the Limacorporate Promade point of care center at Hospital for Special Surgery

The collaboration between LimaCorporate S.p.A., a global orthopedics manufacturer, and Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) reached a new milestone as both companies successfully conducted two complex joint reconstruction surgeries using patient-specific solutions designed and produced with 3D printing.

As a reminder, LimaCorporate’s strength in medical 3D printing also comes from the acquisition of TechMah Medical it conducted four years ago in order to improve its offering of 3D printed Orthopaedic implants.

As part of this project, the LimaCorporate team worked in collaboration with expert surgeons, such as Dr. Robert L. Buly, MD and Dr. Patrick Connor, and the health care institution of HSS to perform two procedures: a hip procedure and a shoulder procedure.

The ProMade PoC Center offers the opportunity for enhanced collaboration between the design and manufacturing engineers and the surgeons to develop patient-specific solutions before being 3D printed in the onsite facility. It reduces by weeks the time to surgery and has become a resource available not only to HSS physicians, but to providers and hospitals throughout the U.S.

Dr. Buly added, “3D printing has advantages over conventional machining particularly for the ease with which very complex shapes can be made. It is important for orthopedic implants to match the anatomical requirements of the individual, and I’m thrilled to have addressed my unique case in collaboration with ProMade engineers to develop a patient-specific component and expedite what was once a time-intensive, international production process.”

The center, established through a long-standing strategic relationship between HSS and LimaCorporate, is an FDA-regulated commercial facility located at the HSS main campus in New York City. The aim of this innovative, first of its kind project is to provide faster and more accessible care for U.S. patients requiring personalized and unique complex joint replacement solutions.


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