For its 4th edition, the 3D Print business show in Lyon opened its doors yesterday and welcomes a wide range of companies in the additive manufacturing industry. It is obviously not easy to present all the products of the different exhibitors but in the meantime, below are the first announcements of the market:

After its arrival in the 3D printing industry a few months ago, particularly through its presence at Rapid Tct +, Solvay continues its progression in the industry through its presence on the French market. During the 3D Print exhibition, the Belgian specialist in chemistry announced a collaboration with the French manufacturer Delta Equipement. Delta Equipement will now exploit the advantages of the polyphenylsulphone (PPSU) Radel® and polyetheretherketone (PEEK) KetaSpire® filaments. These materials integrate a lot of carbon fiber and will be used with Delta Equipement’s Fused Filament Deposition (FFF) printers.


While flexibility and cost advantages are the most appealing reasons for users of FDM technology, the high-performance specialty polymer filaments in corporate mechanical and thermal requirements that far exceed the capabilities of today’s filaments. The market is therefore requiring a real expertise for 3D printers, processes and materials to master additive manufacturing.


EOS and the FORMIGA P 110 Velocis system

EOS is offering the FORMIGA P 110 Velocis system, an interesting entry choice for beginners in the industrial 3D printing industry. This type of printer allows rapid prototyping applications for the production of small series at low costs.

After first being applied to the construction platform as a thin layer, the material is pre-heated even faster now and after that fused precisely using a laser beam. The platform is then lowered and another layer of powder is applied. This construction process is repeated until the component is built completely. As a result of the improvements, the nonproductive time of the FORMIGA P 110 Velocis is reduced substantially, with outstanding part mechanics.”

Following these first two announcements, you will very soon discover exclusive interviews carried out with other exhibitors. #StayTuned

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