UK-based 3D Printing filament company, Filamentive, has released in partnership with Tridea, a 100% recycled plastic filament made from post-consumer PET plastic bottle waste.

Tridea is Belgian company that has developed a range of services to transform waste into useful objects. Both companies share a common vision: raising awareness around plastic waste and reduce its environmental impact in 3D printing. Local collectors, recyclers and manufacturers have followed them into their adventure.

“In a world where less than 10% of plastic is recycled and, in an industry, where plastic is the material feedstock, we feel it is our duty to prioritise the use of recycled materials, and by working with Tridea, we are now making progress towards reducing post-consumer waste which has a considerable lower recycling rate than post-industrial waste streams”, said Ravi Toor, Founder & Managing Director of Filamentive.

On Tridea’s side, Philippe Merillet, CEO & co-founder of the company said they “provide an innovative and wholly novel means of utilizing waste, allowing us to multiply the lifespan of consumables by considering its lifecycle pre-consumer-consumer-post-consumer.”

Awareness around environmental issues

The current fight against environmental impact has been the struggle of a both companies and individuals. The latter are willing to undertake a zero-waste lifecycle whereas companies turn waste into filaments; and such waste can derive from various environments like recycled rubber tires or wood.

The only question is to know if filaments are the only 3D printing tool that can be created from waste?

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