Manufacturers of laser powder bed fusion machines continue to push the speed parameters of their 3D printers through the integration of more lasers. At its own pace, OEM Farsoon is pushing the boundaries of its technology with the  FS721M-8-CAMS – Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution, a system designed for series production that is equipped with a conveyor that transports a build to a breakout station while a second build begins. 

As per the words of Farsoon, the machine allows for a quick transfer of the completed build cartridge to the inert breakout station, load the 2nd build cartridge to the system and start the production job.

The 3D printer features an expanded rectangular build cylinder of 720 x 420 x 390 mm, highly efficient eight 500W or 1000W fiber lasers. The machine could enable to achieve large-format industrial applications with an improved productivity that goes up to 300cm3/h.

Like all Farsoon systems, the FS721M-8-CAMS is powered by Farsoon’s MakeStar® software which offers powerful build process control and real-time monitoring of the build environment including laser power, air flow, temperature, humidity and many others. In addition, the in-chamber cameras are equipped to monitor and record each layer for enhanced build quality.

Furthermore, the chamber features also include multi-layer gas flow with wind-wall design for smooth and clean operation. The new recoater design can improve the powder surface flatness and consistency throughout the build area.

While we look forward to seeing the capabilities of this new system through new applications, we can’t help but think that this development is a sign that the market continuously evolves toward more fabrication-oriented systems.

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