Imerys provides industrial mineral solutions and kiln furniture. The company has recently unveiled a range of ceramic matrials for FDM 3D Printing.

Intended for tableware, giftware and sanitaryware applications, this material would arouse the interest of users because of the consistency of its material properties. Indeed, the rheology required by 3D printers combined to the properties of this material ensure reliable printing conditions.

Delivered in a “plug & play” version as a cartridge, the material can be used as a “ready-to-fill” ceramic feedstock upon printers’ configuration.

According to Imerys, “the benefits of EZ Print 3Drely on the uniqueness of genuine low porosity of a porcelain (<0,5%), its low firing temperature (1220°C) compatible with most of the kiln temperature limits and its ready-to-use characteristics. The EZ Print 3Dtechnology is transposable to earthenware, stoneware and colored feedstocks at different temperatures.”

Lastly, the good news is that the material can be used on various 3D printers. Its performances have already been proven on printers such as WASP, VORMVRIJ or even 3D Potter. Furthermore, the company provides the required support in the integration of this material in software and printing settings.

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