Evonik launches new photopolymer for DLP 3D printing

Credit: Evonik

Specialty chemicals producer Evonik Industries continues to extend its portfolio of 3D printing materials; this time with a 3D printing resin designed for manufacturing tough, ductile, flame-retardant parts.

Called INFINAM® FR 4100L, the new material is designed for  use with DLP (digital light processing) 3D printers and is pourable at room temperature.

INFINAM® FR 4100L is our latest product to address ongoing customer demand for a 3D-printable resin that can meet the unique requirements of aerospace, automotive, and electronics applications,” says Vitor Lavini, head of Market Segment Photopolymers at Evonik’s High-Performance Polymers business line. “Fundamental to these market segments are parts that can withstand contact with sparks, flames, and various types of fuels.”

The new 3D printing resin has a certified UL 94 flame retardancy rating of V-0 at 3mm thickness. According to Evonik, once cured, the resulting product features high elongation at break, good haptics, and an excellent surface finish that can be further machined and polished. It also exhibits a level of toughness similar to materials made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic.

For Dominic Stoerkle, head of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Growth Field at Evonik that you may have read in several interviews with 3D ADEPT Media, the unique properties of this product will be well suited for 3D printed prototype and functional production parts in the most demanding industrial applications.

This announcement is the first Evonik made since the beginning of 2024 –  after a year marked by key collaborations with both material producers and 3D printer manufacturers and the demonstration of the capabilities of its materials across key applications.

While we can’t wait to see what 2024 holds for Evonik and its journey in the AM industry, professionals who are looking to discuss the new capabilities of the INFINAM® FR 4100L material can already do so at the AMUG Conference, from March 10 to 14 in Chicago, USA.

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