EnvisionTEC ’s cost saving material for Desktop 3D Printers

At JCK Las Vegas, the jewelry industry’s premier trade show, EnvisionTEC unveils a cost-saving disposable material tray for its desktop 3D printers.

The M-Type tray of the global manufacturer of desktop and full-production 3D printers was developed in Germany, by EnvisionTEC’s R&D facility. It will be an optional replacement for the current Pre-Stretched Assembly (PSA) tray system in the Micro and Vida lines of 3D printers.

The M-Type consists of an optical glass coated in a film similar to a Mylar type film. Thanks to the M-Type, the separation of each exposure layer during 3D printing build is easier. As for the outer perimeter, it is a flexible silicone.

For the CEO Al Siblani, “this new material tray system makes using EnvisionTEC desktop 3D printers even easier and more affordable. [Their] company has offered a similar tray for years on [their] original desktop models, such as the Aureus and Apollo, as well as some Perfactory models. And although the PSA still has benefits for many applications, [they] decided to bring this cost-saving approach to [their] Micro and Vida lines, too.”

Unlike the PSA which needs to be replaced by EnvisionTEC’s professionals, the new M-Type is disposable and is expected for this summer in North America.


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