Endurance Lasers: what’s in the pipeline right now?

It’s been 5 years now that Endurance lasers has been making and delivering high-quality powerful laser attachments for the maker community. Our key goal is to help makers expanding the cabilities of CNC machines and 3D printers by adding a powerful and reliable laser head on their machines.

During that time, we have made and delivered more than 3500 units. We have a growing community of members who help us to grow by continuously sharing their feedback. In this regard, we have been able to improve our products and services in several ways.

The laser boxes

First of all, we would like to say that we have changed a design of laser boxes a bit and made them better looking.

small new laser box small upgraded 1

The key functionality of the laser boxes remains the same; it is a storage for a laser driver and control board (PWM).

In a big laser box, there are indicators for incoming voltage and voltage + current on the laser diode. Very convenient to see your laser diode power consumption in a real time.

Also, all lasers are equipped with a thermometer that allows to monitor laser temperature.

By the way our PLUS version is equipped with a TEC cooling which allows to operate the laser even when the outside temperature is exceeding 90-100F (35+ C).

Mounts and brackets

Last week, we finished the development of free 3D mounting brackets. We know that is it always a trick to hook up the laser to a 3D printer or a CNC router for newbies. So, we worked with a lot of 3D printers and created a few new 3D printed mounting brackets.

Free 3D models of mounting brackets are available on our site.

Bracket on an Anet 3D Printer

Air nozzle

All professional lasers are equipped with air nozzle and an air compressor when you do a laser cutting. We’ve decided to improve this process and offer a free air nozzle for all laser makers. You can now make your own with a metal or just print it out on your 3D printer.

The good thing is that, this air nozzle can be used with any diode laser and at the end, you can get a very clean and accurate laser cutting.

Current R&D: 15-watt and 75-watt DPSS


One of the current developments in progress is a single beam laser with 14-15-watt power output. Here, we will use a special polarizing prism or plate.

The key advantage of this solution would be a single beam multimode laser that will be capable to cut thicker materials.

We are building an industrial prototype at the moment and as soon as it is ready we will offer our customers a special upgrade package.

75-watt DPSS

We get a lot of requests from makers and companies all over the world who require to do a fast metal engraving (industrial speed) and do thick metal cutting like 1-3 mm cutting of a stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. That is why, we have started to build a powerful DPSS laser module.

We decided not to go into fiber and decided to use crystal rods instead and we believe that 75-watt average power will allow to cut quite thick metals

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Explore our models here and learn more about Endurance lasers today.