€30 million invested in a 3D printing facility in UK

Das Bild zeigt die neue Produktionsstätte von Materials Solutions Ltd. The picture shows the new manufacturing facility of Materials Solutions Ltd.

Siemens has certainly made more than one person happy when it announced two weeks ago its investment in a new 3D printing facility in UK.

With the help of Materials Solutions Ltd, the plant is expected to open in September 2018. Siemens being already active in additive manufacturing, this investment will double the company’s current footprint and help to increase the number of its 3D printing systems to 50.

Courtesy of Materials Solutions Ltd.
The picture shows the new manufacturing facility of Materials Solutions Ltd.

Materials Solutions Ltd

Materials Solutions Ltd develops and manufactures turbomachinery parts for gas turbines. Siemens acquired the majority stake in the company in 2016.

The business makes use of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology for the manufacture of high-performance metal parts, with a focus on high-temperature super alloys.

Materials Solutions has grown its business considerably over the last two years. It has developed proven applications, know-how and a supply chain for some of the world’s most advanced engineering companies operating in a broad range of industries.

The company also works closely with Siemens’ Power & Gas Division and it is anticipated that, thanks to its expanded footprint, it will manufacture thousands of parts for use in Siemens power generation equipment over the coming years.

New jobs are “around the corner”…

The opening of a new facility cannot be done without a skilled workforce. Over 50 high quality new jobs in Worcester are expected to be created for the good functioning of the facility.

Siemens aims to build a global business with 3D printing for growing sectors such as the aerospace industry, the automotive industry and other industries.

The new factory will be fully powered by Siemens Digital Enterprise solutions, an end-to-end portfolio comprising software-based systems and automation components which cover every conceivable requirement arising along the industrial value chain. It will therefore harness the potential of digitalisation.

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