DyeMansion’s postprocessing technology consists in giving the 3D Printed part the desired colour. From standard colours to customized colour solutions, the company’s DeepDye Colouring process offers many options to operators.

The only thing is that, color options have been very limited to black and dark shades for plastics with a grey base material. To address this limitation, the Munich-based specialist has worked on a new colour palette. Intended especially for grey PA12 components fabricated on the HP Multi Jet Fusion process (4200/5200 series), the 17 new colors include a new set of tones from classic black and grey tones, through rich blue tones, to strong red tones.

DyeMansion postprocessing technology has already proved its capabilities in the automotive and lifestyle sectors. With the launch of this colour line, users can expect further applications in the consumer goods and orthopaedics industries.

The number of HP systems in the market is growing and our customers’ demand for vibrant colors for their grey parts was strong. We have taken up this challenge and now respond to the needs of the market with a new color line. We are looking forward to the first colorful products on the market and are excited to see which industry will be the forerunner here. “, says Kai Witter, Chief Customer Officer at DyeMansion.

 The DyeMansion DeepDye Colouring process

Unlike spray painting, the dyes are immersed in a water bath under pressure and heat where they react with the base material. They can go through the open pores of the parts up to 200 μm.  The colour of the base material or the surface treatment of the part are key factors that impact the final colour.

 Developed with surface treatment in mind, the new colour line requires the mechanical PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) with the DyeMansion Powershot S to be processed accurately. The integration of automation in the mechanical blasting process makes it easy to achieve a homogenization of the surface, especially for hard plastics.  

The company’s other surface processes include the chemical VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS). They can also influence the colouring result, that’s why it is recommended to carry out upstream tests for colours with DyeMansion.

Last but not least, DyeMansion assures that the new recipe of its vibrant colours cannot be reproduced with manual pot dyeing solutions or other colouring systems on the market. Speaking of the development of this new line, Philipp Kramer, Co-Founder & CTO of DyeMansion states: “In order to achieve strong colors even on parts with grey base material with immediate effect, we have redefined our process and developed a special recipe. The handling remains easy for our customers, because no DM60 hardware or software adjustments are necessary to use the new colors. “

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