Royal DSM has recently introduced a new carbon fiber filament, Novamid ID1030 CF10 3D; the announcement is made one week after the debut of its collaboration with Formfutura.

Compared to other filaments which integrate a lot of fiber carbon, this filament is only filled with 10% of carbon fiber. It is intended for printing structural parts which are clearly stronger, stiffer and tougher with higher tensile strength and modulus, high dimensional stability and free of warpage. Furthermore, FDM 3D printers that integrate hardened nozzle can 3D print it.

A variety of applications in the industry require the need of materials that can withstand high temperatures: automotive under-the-hood, protective and supporting sports gear; manufacturing jigs and fixtures; medical braces and prosthetics.

The Novamid ID1030 CF10 3D would be the ideal candidate for such type of conditions. Moreover, it’s also a go-to-material for light weight applications across various vertical markets.

A strong point of this material is that it can be used on many open FFF platforms, including GermanRepRap and the new Ultimaker S5. According to tests, users can run their printers at the same speeds as with unreinforced plastics, while achieving considerably better strength and toughness.

Lastly, in addition to Formfutura, other distributors of DSM are MCPP and Nexeo3DSolutions.

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