Donhou Bicycles unveiled a new bike, partly 3D printed

Makers Donhou Bicycles just released a bold new custom build : the DSS3 CX/Gravel steel bike.

The bike indeed presents a very nice steel frame that truly brings a fresh air in today’s manufacturing methods.

We are talking about a 3D printed steel seat lug, which already creates some hype in the world of cycling.

The third release in shop owner Tom Donhou’s Signature Series

With its customizable steel frame, the bike allows new geometries without disregarding aesthetics.

Thanks to the 3D printed seat lug, makers were able to use a heavily ovalized top tube so that ride could best suit comfortable shouldering.

That’s why it was possible to set the seat apart for maximum tire clearance and mud shedding.

According to Donhou, the DSS3 CX is perfectly designed for a responsive ride that balances both weight and durability. Furthermore, the frame does not possess a brake bridge, which is very essential in reducing the buildup of mud.

Anyway, the bike is expected to perform well in racing challenges as well as when bikepacking or audax-style rides with lighter baggage. For Donhou’s observers, this “thoroughbred stallion form the Donhou stables” will certainly become “a pedigree favorite for riders wanting a hardcore ‘cross bike that can also be taken on serious backroad adventures.


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