CurifyLabs and Mehta

This acquisition will enable CurifyLabs to provide 3D printing solutions for producing personalized medicines in the pharma industry.

CurifyLabs, a healthtech company developing solutions for producing personalized medicines in hospitals and compounding pharmacies, has announced the acquisition of 3D printing hardware IP from Mehta Heino Industries Oy – also headquartered in Finland.

Mehta Heino develops desktop 3D printers based on FFF/FDM technology. The company was founded by Santosh Mehta and Petri Heino in 2015, with the vision of making 3D printing accessible and user-friendly to all.

Heino, CTO of Mehta Heino will now join CurifyLabs as Lead Hardware Engineer, further strengthening CurifyLabs’ position in redefining the landscape of solutions in personalized medicine manufacture.

Petri Heino commented: “CurifyLabs presents an extraordinary opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible in 3D printing and advanced robotics in healthcare. Me and my Co-Founder Santosh Mehta spent eight years developing our technology and we are thrilled to see our IP contribute to groundbreaking advancements for the benefit of vulnerable patient populations that need personalized treatments.”

With Heino onboard, the first goal of CurifyLabs will be to enhance its Pharma Kit solution. The latter combines printable Pharma Inks with 3D printing and quality control, and provides an automated solution for producing personalized medicine in hospitals and compounding pharmacies. The solution eliminates the manual process and makes compounding more accessible, cost-effective, safe, and scalable. CurifyLabs is bringing automation to pharmacy compounding and with this acquisition new features are made possible.

Niklas Sandler, Co-founder and CTO at CurifyLabs, stressed the importance of regulatory compliance and speed: “For pharmacies, speed, seamless workflows, and regulatory compliance are essential. We enable this with our unique personalized medicine manufacturing solution. With Mehta Heino’s IP, we’re taking our commitment to effective solutions to the next level. Our combined expertise will result in more efficient manufacturing solutions, facilitating the wider adoption of personalized medicine and enhanced care for patients with individual needs.”

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