3D printing keeps growing and companies are keep integrating the market while launching new products and services… cultivate3d, a recently created company based in NSW has launched the Beast V2. Following the Beast V1, the Beast V2 enters the market after three years of research.

The 3D printer draws attention with its massive build volume as well as its design. Taking into account the feedback of customers, the new 3D printer is according to the company the “culmination of non-stop re-design, re-evaluation and 1000’s of hours of testing since the successful funding of [their] first model over 2 years ago.”

Compared to the V1, the build volume has been added to 20% and is 490x500x670. In terms of size, it is therefore possible to print a chair, a chest armour, or massive sculptures.

3D printed prosthetic hand


A very interesting choice in terms of materials

The Beast v2 integrates a dual-extrusion technology. Its users can choose between a MULTI-COLOUR or MULTI-MATERIAL printing.

Dual colour printing is recommended for those who are focused on aesthetics. They can use transparent and opaque materials to print the same object.

Multi Material is interesting when talking about functional objects through the use of dissimilar materials e.g. rigid and flexible materials combined to create flexible joints.

Last, Support Material enables to print complex designs with the use of WATER SOLUBLE support materials.

Multi-material printing

The Beast v2 also has the ability to use 4 hotends and extruders to replicate 4 of the same print jobs (one object or a whole set of objects) at the same time, effectively reducing print and production time by 300%. It is also possible to use different colours and materials on each of the extruders in this configuration.”

Last, with this 3D printer, the company also supports Simplify3D and they have optimized profiles for several configurations and applications, with detailed information on customisation.

It remains 22 days before the end of the campaign. Discover the campaign below in video and bring your contribution on Kickstarter.

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