Create it REAL increasingly attracts companies with secured 3D printing

Known for its real time processor dedicated to 3D printing, Create it Real recently announced new partnerships to improve 3D printing processes of companies.

As a reminder, the company’s technology enables a print speed up to 5 times faster than traditional FDM printers.

Rodri, a Dutch manufacturer of 3D printers, Dood, a French manufacturer of desktop 3D printers and RAST, specialized in large 3D printers, are seduced by Create it REAL’s patent pending technology and decided to collaborate with the company.

Create it REAL chose these partners because of the good quality/price ratio offered by their 3D printers. According to Create it REAL, it “is the ideal combination for companies who need rapid prototyping and/or production-printers and focus on their customers, not on troubleshooting their printer.”

Last but not least, KIMYA, the manufacturer of recycled filaments will integrate its filaments as standard in Create it REAL slicer. Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, KIMYA business development director said about this partnership: “We believe this partnership makes a lot of sense for final users: they will access to a wide range of complete packages, including 3D printers and software optimised for our materials. No need to mess around with the settings and the machine, they will get the best 3D printing experience, with high performance materials optimized for their usage, in a click of a button”.

The 3D printers will be available in the coming weeks on the different manufacturers web sites while the settings for KIMYA filaments will be available to all Create it REAL partners via online updates.

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