Construction 3D Printing: Diamond Age turns stealth mode off and announces $8 Million Seed Round

Russel Varone, Co-Founder and CTO Jack Oslan, Co-Founder and CEO

A lot is going in the construction 3D printing field now. With the many projects that are being held across the world right now, be it in the USA, Germany or UAE, the global 3D printing construction market could be on the right path to grow from USD 3 million in 2019 to USD 1,575 million by 2024, at a CAGR of 245.9 % between 2019 and 2024.

The latest company that is determined to earn some market shares in the field is Diamond Age, a company that describes itself as a full stack robotics start-up.

With the amount of $8 million they just secured, the company will scale its robotics platform and to produce a 1,100 square foot (102 m2) demonstration house. The goal behind this demo will be to partner with home builders and developers and turn home building into an on-demand product. By doing so, buyers would have more options when designing their home.

Right now, the team led by Co-founders Russel Varone, and Jack Oslan is working on enhancing their AM tools. They will builda suite of 26 end-of-arm robotic tools to offset 55% of the manual labor required to build a new home, reducing the construction cycle time from about 9 months to 30 days. 

Diamond Age also believes in the idea of using construction 3D printing to address housing shortage. They explain in a press communication that using AM, they could dramatically reduce the almost 7 million single-family home shortage that currently exists in the U.S. housing market.

The affordable housing shortage is a national problem that I want to help solve because it is deeply personal to me. A few years ago, my son and daughter-in-law almost moved away from the Bay Area because of the housing shortage,” said Jack Oslan, Co-founder and CEO of Diamond Age. “We need to build high quality affordable single-family homes for the next generation striving for the American dream, and the only way we can solve this problem is with automation.

We spent a lot of time in the 3D printing and robotic building space looking for the right team and the right go-to-market that could really become a category-changing and defining company within the real estate construction space,” Ryan Freedman, General Partner at Alpaca VC. “We identified a tremendous opportunity in the amount of efficiency there is to bring in terms of time, quality and labor to the homebuilding market.  When we met Jack & Russell, we knew this was the team with the vision and the technical expertise to change the game.”

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