Colour 3D Printing business RIZE has closed its doors.

We hate being the bearer of bad news but we have to report on this one: Colour 3D printing company RIZE (also known as RIZE3D) that you have known through several partnerships across the industry has shut down its business in the 3D printing industry.

Founded in 2014 by Eugene Giller, a previous employee of ZCorp which has since become 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems, we’ve seen the company develop a number of material extrusion-based 3D printers that meet different production purposes over the years.

However, the company is best acknowledged for its Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) process which combines the melting of thermoplastic filaments with the use of a specialty inkjet printhead that made it possible to deposit colorful and functional inks onto printed parts. The XRIZE system based on this process, allows for jetting cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks onto engineering-grade material.

A specialty release Ink was also jetted between the automatically-generated supports and the part itself, so that users could quickly peel the supports away for a smooth surface finish with no additional finishing required.

The company announces its doors are closed on its website. However, “a new company, Palitra, is here to serve you when it comes to technical support, filament orders & much more.”

“Eugene Giller founded RIZE with one mission – to bring functional printing to the masses with advanced features like composite materials & full-color 3D printing. Thanks to the incredible core team who worked tirelessly to create a technology ecosystem unlike any other filament 3D printer in the world, his vision became reality. While we are incredibly thankful for everything RIZE was able to accomplish, it was time to close that chapter to keep the initial vision alive. Welcome to the next chapter. Palitra3D”, the Palitra’s website reads.

While RIZE fascinated by bringing the best of both inkjet and material extrusion on the market, in the end, we know little about the real applications this technology can enable. Is it due to a lack of investments? A funding issue? OR a technology considered very expensive from the leads standpoint?

One thing is certain, RIZE was operating in a market with a true potential. And right now, we hope the team behind the company’s vision could share the lessons here from this termination.

RIZE becomes the fourth company to shut down its activities, on the heels of Local Motors and Digital Alloys.

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