We know how much it can be important that our print presents the exact color we have chosen for our filament or how hard it can be to look for a specific color for our prints.

Through its “Color on Demand” service, the Dutch manufacturer allows users to choose the preferred colors they would like to have for their filaments. This is certainly the first time a manufacturer of filaments customizes its service for its users who will have the possibility to print unique colors. According to the company, this service would start with RAL color references in PLA and allow users to order colors at a low MOQ.

You will be able to order as from 2kg of filament in the color you need. Due to a new innovative production method we are able to meet the immediate color needs of our users. This allows us to offer more colors than ever, whenever they are needed. To ensure the proof of concept works 60 RAL colors have already been matched with more to follow on a weekly basis.” The company adds that it would also be able to order a color plaque to validate the color before purchasing the spool.

Available from June 2018, prices will start at € 75 per 2kg spool (ex VAT / shipping) with tier pricing as from 4 and 10 spools. However, attention is to be made on lead times: users should count 5 to 8 business days and 2 to 3 weeks for new color matches.

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